Broadloom Carpet

Carpet on a Budget

Commercial broadloom carpet is a type of carpet that is woven on a very wide loom. It is available in both natural and synthetic materials. The advantages of broadloom carpet is you can use it in large rooms and have less seams. Broadloom is generally installed over carpet pad which protects the life of the carpet and adds more of a “plush” feel to the carpet. Broadloom carpet is a more viable option for those with smaller budgets.

Viable and Seamless

Many designers and customers prefer broadloom carpet not only because there are less seams, but you can have more more intricate patterns in the carpet. Another benefit to broadloom carpet is you don’t have to be as particular with the sub-floor. While moisture is still a problem with carpet, it is a bit more forgiving in that area compared to resilient flooring, and imperfections in the floor are covered versus magnified. Proper maintenance will always extend the life of your product.