Carpet Tile

Installation without Disruption

Carpet tile is a great product for areas with high volume or areas that are filled with furniture. Carpet tile is often made with some recycled content and is much easier to install than broadloom carpet or resilient flooring. The sub-floor requires less prep than one that is being covered with resilient. Donald Flooring uses special jacks to lift workstations off the floor so most rooms do not need to be emptied prior to installation. Custom designs are achieved by changing the direction of the tile or adding in solid colours. Some manufacturers offer glueless systems so there is no glue off (gas) smell.

Flexible for Commercial Areas

Carpet tiles are easy for temporary installs, there is no damage to the sub-floor when removed. The greatest advantage to carpet tile is flexibility. If a tile is damaged or stained, you can replace it with a new tile or move tiles around to hide the damaged tile. If renovations take place after installation, (moving walls etc), repairs and patches are easy. Carpet tile is easy to store, the boxes are only 2′ x 2′, so maintenance material will fit in a small area. Carpet tile is used 80% of the time in commercial offices.