Facility Managers

Your Clients, Our Clients

Donald Flooring is exceptional at understanding the needs of facility managers and the companies you represent. We know that you are often charged with making the space look great for your clients (usually your co-workers) and ultimately their clients.  Especially at a cost that fits your budget.  As facility managers, you have to deal with expected wear & tear of flooring along with the unexpected IE; floods, damage, stains etc.

Around Your Schedule

Replacing flooring in active commercial buildings often means scheduling the work around individuals that are working in those areas. Donald Floors excels at installing floors with the least amount of disruption possible. One of our specialty’s is utilizing the Jack & Lift system. We are able to install carpet tile that is currently occupied by desks, file cabinets and chairs etc. We will work around your schedule so that noise, odors and all types of disruption are minimized. Donald Floors will help you make decisions based on budget, resiliency & offer options that will be tailored to your customer’s particular needs.

Jack & Lift

See how our jack & lift method helps your new flooring get installed quickly and easily.